Forgacs - Speijer

St Petersburg 1909

Ruy Lopez

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.O-O Be7 5.Nc3 d6 6.d4 exd4 7.Bxc6 bxc6 8.Nxd4 Bd7 9.b3

This development is a little too slow, as Mr. Speijer proves.

9...O-O 10.Bb2 Re8 11.Qf3

Not a good conception.

11...Bf8 12.h3 g6

Thus the White Queen's Bishop is counterbalanced by the Black King's Bishop, while, at the same time, the g-pawn prevents the entry of the Knight at f5.

13.Nde2 Bg7 14.Ng3

Black was threatening 14...Nxe4.


Fine and energetic play.

15.Rfe1 Nh7 16.Na4 Ng5 17.Qd3 Bxb2 18.Nxb2 Qf6 19.c3 Rad8


 Black could here give the game a turn in his favour by 19...Bxh3 20.gxh3 Nxh3 21.Kh2 Qh4 22.Qf1 (22.Qe3 Nf4 23.Kg1 Qg4) 22...Nxf2 23.Kg2 Ng4 24.Qh1 Qg5 with the double threat of 25...Qd2+ and 25...h4.

20.Nc4 h4

20...Bxh3 would still have been strong, for Black would rather easily get four pawns for the piece with a good position.

21.Nf1 Qf4 22.Qd2 Qxd2 23.Ncxd2 Ne6 24.Nf3 g5 25.Ne3 f6 26.Ng4 Kg7 27.Nd4 Kg6 28.f3 Ng7 29.Ne3 f5 30.exf5 Kf7 31.b4 c5 32.bxc5 dxc5 33.Nb3 Nxf5 34.Ng4

After 34.Nxf5 Bxf5 35.Nxc5 Rxe1 36.Rxe1 Rd2 37.a4 Rc2 38.Re3 Kf6


White cannot win, as his King cannot come into play.

34...c4 35.Nc5 Bc8 36.Ne5 Kf6 37.Nxc4 Nd6 38.Rxe8 Nxe8 39.Kf2 Ng7 40.Rb1 Bf5 41.Rb7 Ne6 42.Nxe6

 It would have given better chances to keep the minor pieces by 42.Nb3 Rd3 43.Ne3 to White's advantage.

42...Bxe6 43.Rxc7 Bxc4 44.Rxc4 Rd2 45.Ke3 Rxa2 46.Rg4 a5 47.f4 gxf4 48.Kf3

48.Kxf4 would have led to nothing, e.g .48...Ra4 49.Ke3 Rxg4 50.hxg4 Kg5 51.c4 Kxg4

48...Rc2 49.Rxf4 Kg5 50.Rg4 Kh5 51.Rc4 a4 52.Rxa4 Rxc3 53.Kf4 Rg3 54.Ra8 Kh6

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