SEASON 2013/2014






Andrew Kinder    

Trefor Thynne
The Farriers     54 Silverwood Avenue
Kingston   Milber
Kingsbridge TQ7 4PP  Newton Abbot TQ12 4LG

Tel: 01548 810750                                    

 01626 337876
 Email:ask.27@btinternet.com                                                   email:tthynne@tbgs.Torbay.sch.uk
Dominic Mackle  Andrew Kinder
Prospect Cottage   The Farriers
2 Bradley Road  Kingston

Newton Abbot TQ12 1LT

Tel: 01626 356868 Tel:01548 810750
  E-Mail: ask.27@btinternet.com


MEETINGS:  The club meets in room 3 at the COURTENAY CENTRE, Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot, (TQ12 2PQ)   on THURSDAY  evenings from 7  p.m. between  late September and early May. Our premises are comfortable and central with good parking and refreshment facilities.The 2014-15  season opens on Thursday 18th September with a 10-second  “Buzzer” Tournament.  We look forward to welcoming new and old members whether adult or junior for a lively start to the new season at one of the South-West’s top chess clubs!

FURTHER INFORMATION about membership (including the various subscription rates) can be obtained from the Secretary, Trefor Thynne   Tel: 01626 337876  (tthynne@tbgs.torbay.sch.uk)   or the President, Andrew Kinder Tel:     01548 810750                                           




 DCCA Division 1 champions 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013       Division 3 winners 2013 2014

DCCA KNOCK-OUT CUP winners 2013  2014           DCCA JUNIOR DIVISION winners 2013

Torbay League Champions  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Division 2 winners 2013  2014        Division 4 winners 2011         Rapidplay winners    2014

Exeter and District League champions 2014

Individual honours:   Dominic Mackle:  West of England and Devon Champion 2013

Jacquie Barber-Lafon:  Devon Ladies’ Champion 2012,2013,2014. West of England Ladies’ Champion 2014

John Fraser  represented England in World Schools’ Individual Championships 2013. Selected for England Glorney Cup team 2014. Qualified for British Championship 2014

Vignesh Ramesh (aged 13) Devon Minor champion 2014.  Jim Knott (aged 13) Devon Under 15 Champion 2013



Championship: Winner Dominic Mackle

Under 150 best performance: Wilf Taylor

Under 125   "          "                  Nandaja Narayanan


Rapidplay Tournament winner Alan Brusey Runner-up Vignesh Ramesh

Junior Championship Winner Vignesh Ramesh

Junior Challengers Winner Joshua Blackmore

Match play best performance Michael Hussey.  Runner up John Fraser


Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
107557D Gold Brusey, Alan W M   Teignmouth 176 X 167 X 180 X 174 A
111441E Silver Gorodi, John G M   Teignmouth 142 A 142 X 130 B 135 B
114766D Gold Mackle, Dominic M   Newton Abbot 203 A 208 A 186 E    
120405B Gold Thynne, Trefor F M   Newton Abbot 161 A 166 X 173 B 163 C
128118F Silver Barber-Lafon, Jacquie F   Newton Abbot 121 A 135 A 125 D 125 C
129415F Gold Abbott, Mark V M   Exmouth 173 A 172 A 167 E 176 E
155629A Silver Stephens, John KF M   Exmouth 194 A 186 A 178 C 180 B
162619L Gold Homer, Stephen J M   Exeter 188 A 189 A 200 D 182 D
162701G Silver Kinder, Andrew S M   Newton Abbot 146 B 152 B 153 C 154 D
182650F Bronze Taylor, Wilfred RP M   Newton Abbot 142 A 139 B        
215149C Bronze Brooks, Paul M   Newton Abbot 154 B 163 B 165 D    
242035B   Thompson, Robert M   Bristol University 180 X 176 X 183 A 183 X
264751F Silver Allen, John E M   Newton Abbot 132 C 132 C 135 B 142 B
269131A   Leung, Jeff M   Newton Abbot 156 D 165 B     170 E
272540L Gold Mills, Nathan M   Brixham 132 A 135 X 122 B 123 A
276543D Silver Ramesh, Vignesh M 13 Newton Abbot 131 X 114 A 159 A 106 B
276896D Bronze O'Donoghue, Toby M 16 Newton Abbot 40 D            
277498H Bronze Hussey, Michael M   Newton Abbot 113 E            
279359D Silver Narayanan, Nandaja F 14 Newton Abbot 101 A 92 A 94 D 90 D
279819A Gold Fraser, John M 16 Newton Abbot 182 X 180 X 175 A 176 A
279880D Bronze Milne, James E M 14 Newton Abbot 90 D 88 B 97 E 94 E
281087G Silver Sanders-Wyatt, Ben M 13 Newton Abbot 65 C 57 D 76 E    
285528J Silver Darlow, Paul M   Newton Abbot 57 D 61 E 73 D 69 E
286281F   Whitehead, Rafe M 16 Newton Abbot 80 E 78 C        
286282H Silver Wray, Jared M 17 Torquay Grammar School 121 B 110 C        
287959B Silver Rahimli, Nijad M   Newton Abbot 156 A 148 A 156 A 152 A
290737K Silver Blackmore, Joshua P M 14 Newton Abbot 83 C 81 B 85 D 74 E
292543G Bronze Germain, Calum M M   Newton Abbot 46 E 49 D        
292545L Silver Knott, Jim AG M 13 Newton Abbot 109 A 108 A 102 D 93 E
292547D Silver Sturt, Benjamin M 13 Newton Abbot 76 B 77 D        
295811K Bronze Bruce, John M   Newton Abbot 129 E            
296552F Silver Wells, Yannis M 14 Newton Abbot         76 E    



On Friday June 20th the Newton Abbot Club hosted a chess event with a difference at a popular local cafe in Queen Street in the town centre: a four-sided Rapidplay team tournament.  In June 2012 and 2013  Newton Abbot had visited Exeter for a summer friendly match at the Village Cafe in Whpton but, this no longer being available,  it seemed a good opportunity to try a new venture at a home venue.

The four competing teams were Exeter Chess Club, Torquay Boys’ Grammar School and two teams from the host club, Newton Abbot, who adopted the names Bullfrogs and Crocodiles for the evening.

The format of the event was similar to the Rapidplay Division of the Torbay League and the DCCA’s Newman Cup division: two rounds with 30 minutes per player per game. This gave players time to socialize between rounds and to take advantage of the excellent refreshments  available from the cafe throughout  the evening. The jamboree pairing format worked well. Each team had seven players and the final results were:

1st: Torquay Boys’ Grammar School   8 ½  (out of 14)

2nd Newton Abbot Crocodiles               8

3rd Exeter                                                  7

4th Newton Abbot Bullfrogs                  4 ½

Notable was the excellent play by the numerous juniors present: John Fraser (TBGS  board one) scored wins against top county players Alan Brusey and Dave Regis. For the TBGS team this was excellent practice a couple of weeks ahead of their trip to the ECF National Schools’ Finals at Uppingham School (Rutland) in early July.

The winning TBGS team consisted of: John Fraser, Vignesh Ramesh, Jared Wray, James Milne, Jakub Kubiak, Ben Sturt and Yul Lee.

The feeling among all the players was that this friendly social chess event on a fine summer’s evening  was definitely worth repeating in 2015.   We would welcome expressions of interest in taking part from any other clubs.

Trefor Thynne

Secretary, NACC



Secretary’s report to the Annual General Meeting   22nd May 2014

Once again I can report with satisfaction on a busy and successful season for the club with plenty of chess activity of all types.  Membership declined slightly in numerical terms with 17 paid-up adult members and 13 juniors. This was compensated by an above-average rate of attendance at club sessions right through the season.

In December, we sadly lost one of our most loyal members, Jim O’Grady, who passed away after several months of declining health. His family bequeathed to the club his chess sets and considerable library of chess books, CD-Roms and DVDs and these now form the new club library kept in a small bookcase purchased for this purpose.

While on the subject of equipment we have invested in a new storage cupboard – a big improvement on its predecessor – and also have bought a number of digital clocks. These enabled the use of the new incremental time limit (25 minutes plus 10 seconds per move) in the Torbay League Rapidplay division.

We  welcomed several new members this year: John Bruce of Totnes, John Stephens (one of Devon’s top players who has moved to Plymouth) and juniors Jared Wray (the TBGS chess captain), Yannis Wells of Churston GS plus 10 year old Oliver Sutcliffe. It was good to see the return of Mike Hussey after a few years absence. Towards the end of the season, three more potential adult members attended briefly and I am hopeful of recruiting them together with some more new junior members for 2014-15. On the debit side,  we  lost Patrick Ozzard-Low who left the area and temporarily we hope, Roger Hocking and Vitali Chornenkiy owing to work commitments in both cases.

The decision to end the season slightly earlier this year has enabled the club to avoid the financial crisis of 2013 and did not seem to prevent the efficient conduct of internal competitions. This also permitted the holding of the AGM right after the end of the playing season which, I hope, will have resulted in a good turn-out.

In general, despite the issues of noisy music downstairs members still seem to feel that the many advantages of the Courtenay Centre outweigh any minuses. I am hopeful that the reduction in room hire charge which I negotiated with the centre for this season will operate again next year.  I did investigate last summer alternative premises in the town but without finding anywhere as satisfactory.

The ECF membership scheme introduced the previous season has continued to work smoothly. This year all players were responsible individually for their own ECF membership fees but I am happy to say that every single one of our members is a paid-up member of the national federation. The Secretary is happy to deal with the administration of this for any member if so desired.

The club continues to be grateful to Andrew Kinder for the running of the internal tournaments (Championship and RapidPlay). This year we played 6 rather than 7 rounds in the main tournament bearing in mind that we have the most active match play programme of any club in the county.

I am grateful to all the various team captains for their efforts to field competitive teams. IThere were only a few hiccups and mainly the match season was enjoyed by members. The highest number of individual match appearances (19) was made jointly by John Allen, Vignesh Ramesh and Nandaja Narayanan with Nijad Rahimli just behind on 18.

In terms of success we had to hand over to Plymouth our Torbay League Division 1 title and to Exmouth our DCCA Division 1 Bremridge Cup mantle after a number of years in which we had held both. We will be back!

In compensation Wilf Taylor’s Newton Abbot Bishops won Torbay League Division 2 and Jacqui Barber-Lafon’s division 3 team came second in a busy division 3 season. And Andrew Kinder’s team again won the Rapidplay division with  two terrific wins away to main rivals Plymouth. Our division 4 team consisted mainly of juniors who gained valuable experience.

In the DCCA competitions our division 2 (Mamhead Cup) team had a hard time finishing last. Other clubs seem to turn out top  Bremridge players in this (notably Jack Rudd for Barnstaple!). thanks to Paul Brooks for running this team. Wilf Taylor completed a successful season for teams under his captaincy by retaining the Division 3 (Schofield Cup) title.

Our partly-junior divison 4 (Moyle Cup) team had four close matches but did not win any of them, drawing 2. In the Peter Rooke Knock-Out Cup the club beat Teignmouth in the semi-final and Tiverton in the final, both by 5-3. This is a competition held over 8 boards in which we traditionally do well, having a large enough membership to cope with unavailability.

This year for the first time we entered a team in the premier Division of the Exeter and District league in an attempt to bring some variety into the opposition we meet. Although we won the league there were only four teams in it so we only played three matches, a disappointment. If Exmouth and Sidmouth rejoin the league it should be more interesting.

Congratulations to our two highest-percentage scorers in individual terms: Mike Hussey and John Fraser.

On the individual achievement front I must highlight the terrific achievement of Jacquie Barber-Lafon who won both the Devon and West of England Ladies’ titles. Fast-improving junior, Vignesh Ramesh won the Devon Minor Individual and John Fraser continued his remarkable rise and has been rewarded with another invitation to represent England in a junior event abroad (this time in Georgia in the autumn). In July John will be competing in the British Championship as a result of his fine performance in last year’s Major Open at the ECF Congress in Torquay.  Jim Knott, another rapid improver, won the Devon Under 15 title in December.Stephen Homer won outright the Open Tournament at the Teignmouth Congress in April and Alan Brusey had a fine tournament win in the Open at the annual Torbay Congress.   I hope i have not missed any other individual success off this list!

The strength of the club was reflected in selection to play for the Devon County sides with no fewer than thirteen club members having played at least once.

I would like to address the issue of club representation at the meetings of the Torbay League and DCCA. At the moment the club is represented at the DCCA by Paul Brooks (DCCA President) and myself (DCCA Secretary) who both attend ex-officio. I would like to see other members attending these meetings to represent the club and hope that tonight’s meeting can address this issue.

I would like to conclude by thanking the committee members for their hard work, all members for their various contributions to the success of the club this year,  to  express the hope that as many as possible will turn out for the “Lemon Jellli Cafe” friendly match on 20th June and to look forward to the resumption of activity in the autumn.

Trefor Thynne

Club Secretary



LEAGUE FIXTURES Up-dated 3rd February 2014

This is the complete fixture list for the club’s match programme for the season in calendar order. 
  League Opponents H/A Start Result
October 2013
Thursday 10th TL3 South Hams Away 7 pm D   2 - 2
Thursday 17th TL3 Plymouth Home 7 pm L    0 - 4
 Sunday 20th   DCCA Blitz Home 2.30 pm Winners NACC
Thursday 24th TLRP Brixham Home 7 pm. W 5½ - 2½

November 2013

Wednesday 6th TL1 Torquay Away 7 pm   W 1½ - 2½
Thursday 7th TL2 NA Bishops/NA Knights Home 7 pm  D    2 - 2
Thursday 7th TL4 South Hams Away 7 pm L    3 - 1
Saturday 9th DCCA2 Barnstaple Home 2.30 pm   D    2 - 2
Saturday 9th      DCCA4 Barnstaple Home 2.30 pm   L    1½-2½
Thursday 14th TL3 TBGS Home 7 pm   W    4 - 0
 Fri-Sun 15-17 Torbay Congress, Torquay      
Thursday 21st TL2 (Kts) Brixham Home 7 pm   D    2 - 2
Tuesday 26th TL1 Teignmouth Away 7 pm   D    2 - 2

December 2013

Tuesday 3rd TLRP Teignmouth Away 7 pm.    W   6½ - 1½
Thursday 5th TL2 (B's) Teignmouth Home 7 pm     W    2½-1½
Saturday 7th DCCA4 Teignmouth Away 2.30 pm   D     2 - 2
Saturday 7th DCCA2 Teignmouth Away 2.30 pm    L     1½-2½
Saturday 14th DCCA1 Teignmouth Home 2.30 pm    W    3½- 2½
January 2014
Saturday 4th DCCA KO Teignmouth Home 2.30 pm

W 5 - 3

Tuesday 7th TL3 Teignmouth away 7 pm D 2 - 2
Thursday 9th TLRP Plymouth Home 7 pm W 4½- 3½
Thursday 9th DCCA Jun Exeter Juniors Home 7 pm L 0 - 4
Saturday 11th DCCA3 Tiverton Home 2.30 pm D 2 - 2
Saturday 11th DCCA4 Tiverton Home 2.30 pm D 2 - 2
Tuesday 14th TL2 (B's) Brixham Away 7 pm W 1 - 3
Tuesday 14th TL2 (Kt's) Teignmouth Away 7 pm L 2½ - 1½
Sunday 19th DCCA Jamboree Plymouth   2.30 pm Winners: West
Monday 20th TL3 Plymouth Away 7 pm L 3 - 1
Thursday 23rd TL1 Plymouth Home 7 pm L 1 - 3
Thursday 23rd TL4 Teignmouth Home 7 pm L 1½ - 2½
Saturday 25th DCCA1 Exeter Away 2.30pm W 1½ - 4½
Saturday 25th DCCA3 Teignmouth Away 2.30 pm D 2 - 2

February 2014

Saturday 1st DCCA2 Exmouth Home 2.30 pm

L 1½ - 2½

Tuesday 4th TLRP Brixham Away 7 pm

W 4½ - 3½

Thursday 6th TL4 South Hams Home 7 pm

W 2½ - 1½

Thursday 20th TL2 NA Knights/NA Bishops Home 7 pm

D 2 - 2

Thursday 20th TL3 Torquay Home 7 pm

W 4 - 0

Saturday 22nd DCCA4 Exeter Home 2.30 pm

L 1½ - 2½

Saturday 22nd DCCA3 Teignmouth Home 2.30 pm

 D 2 - 2

Thursday 27th TL3 South Hams Home 7 pm

L 1½ - 2½

Thursday 27th DCCA Jun Broadclyst P.S Home 7 pm

W 3 - 1

March 2014

Friday 28th - 2nd Mar   East Devon Congress, Exeter    
Monday 3rd TL1 Plymouth Away 7 pm

L 4 - 0

Tuesday 4th TL4 Teignmouth Away 7 pm

L 1 - 3

Thursday 6th TL2 (B's) Brixham Home 7 pm

W 4 - 0

Thursday 6th DCCA Jun TBGS Home 7 pm

W 3 - 1

Wednesday 12th EDL Tiverton Away 7 pm

W 2½ - 1½

Thursday 13th TLRP Teignmouth Home 7 pm

W 6½ - 1½

Saturday 15th DCCA1 Tiverton Away 2.30 pm

L 2½ - 3½

Monday 17th TLRP Plymouth Away 7 pm

W 5½ - 2½

Wednesday 19th TL3 TBGS Away 7 pm

W 3½ - ½

Thursday 20th TL1 Torquay Home 7 pm

W 3 - 1

Thursday 20th TL2 (Kt's) Teignmouth Home 7 pm

W 2½ - 1½

Saturday 22nd DCCA3 Tiverton Home 2.30pm

W 2½  1½

Monday 24th TL4 Plymouth Away 7 pm

L 1 - 3

April 2014

Tuesday 1st TL2 (Kt's) Brixham Away 7 pm

W 3½ - ½

Thursday 3rd TL1 Teignmouth Home 7 pm

W 3 - 1

Saturday 5th   Teignmouth RP Congress      
Wednesday 9th TL3 Torquay Away 7 pm

W 2½ - 1½

Thursday 10th EDL 1 Exeter Rooks Home 7 pm

D 2 - 2

Thursday 10th TL4 Plymouth Home 7 pm

L 3 - 1

Saturday 12th DCCA2 Tiverton Away 2.30 pm

L 3½ - ½

Tuesday 15th TL2 (B's) Teignmouth Away 7 pm

L 3½  ½

18th - 21st   WECU Congress  Exmouth      
Thursday 24th TL3 Teignmouth Home 7 pm

W 3 - 1

Saturday 26th DCCA1 Exmouth Home 2.30 pm

L 2 - 4



Saturday 3rd DCCA KO Final Tiverton   2.30 pm

W 5 - 3


Abbreviations: TL = Torbay League, DCCA = Devon County Chess Association, EDL = Exeter and District League

Individual match statistics 2013-14

For those interested in such things I append below a list of individual members’ results in matches played this year in the Torbay League (excluding the Raoidplay division), DCCA and Exeter and District League. I have listed players in descending order of  number of games played.

Name                                           Score

John Allen                                  13/19

Vignesh Ramesh                       12/19

Nandaja Narayanan                  7/19

Nijad Rahimli                             9/18

Wilf Taylor                                 10.5/17

Jim Knott                                      8/15

Paul Brooks                                  5/15

Andrew Kinder                            7/13

John Bruce                                  5.5/13

Jacquie Barber-Lafon                  3/13

John Fraser                                   8/11

Mike Hussey                                7.5/10

Trefor Thynne                              6.5/10

Nathan Mills                                 4.5/10

Dominic Mackle                           4/6

James Milne                                  2.5/5

Toby O’Donoghue                        2/5

Stephen Homer                            2/5

Ben Sanders-Wyatt                      1/5

5 games or fewer: Jared Wray 1//2, Joshua Blackmore 0/3,  Alan Brusey 0/2, Yannis Wells ½, Calum Germain  0/2

On the basis of the above the committee has agreed to make two match-play awards at the AGM on 22nd may:

Match-Play trophy: 75% score: Mike Hussey

Runner-up (book prize) John Fraser 73% score.

Trefor Thynne

Club Secretary




Those of you who attended the AGM will remember that the Secretary was mandated to investigate other possible premises for the club in the light of concerns expressed about noise from the music downstairs on club nights. Various premises in the town have been looked at during the summer but all ruled themselves out for different reasons: cost/ time restrictions/lack of parking/ unavailability etc. We shall continue to monitor this issue closely but for the present we are remaining at the Courtenay Centre. I have been able to negotiate a slight reduction in the room hire fee from £35 to £30 per session.


The first night of the new season will be THURSDAY 19th SEPTEMBER when we shall hold the traditional 10-second BUZZER tournament. I hope as many members as possible will come along to get the season off to a lively start. Your committee will be meeting next week to discuss the possibility of organising other special events for subsequent club nights.

Other dates you might like to note are:

Wednesday 18 September: Torbay League pre-season meeting

Friday 20 September: DCCA Council Meeting

Sunday 22 September; WECU Jamboree at Taunton

Sunday 20th October: DCCA Team Blitz at the Courtenay Centre


Members will be able to sign up for the various club internal tournaments (Championship/Rapidplay/Junior Tournament) at the club’s opening night. Andrew Kinder is acting as Competitions Secretary again this year.


The following subscription rates were agreed at the club’s AGM in June:

Full adult subscription £65 (reduced from £70)

Concessionary rate adult subscription: £35

(The concessionary rate applies to unemployed members/full-time students/ members choosing to play in EITHER internal club tournaments ONLY OR external club matches ONLY).

Junior membership (under 18): £30

Subscriptions are due from the beginning of the season and early payment would be appreciated as the club has some major bills to pay early in the season for affiliation and entry to the DCCA and Torbay League. In addition this year we are hoping to enter a team in the Exeter and District League which will entail further cost.

Subscription payments should be sent or given to our Treasurer, DOMINIC MACKLE: 2 Bradley Road, Newton Abbot TQ12 1LT


Members will remember that last year the ECF introduced a new membership scheme. This seems to have been a success with about 10,000 players joining the ECF. In 2012 the club agreed to pay our members’ ECF membership fees as a special gesture. This year, however members will have to pay their own ECF membership. Membership becomes due on 1st September and can be renewed online or by telephone to the ECF Office. You may already have received an e-mail reminder about renewal from the ECF. The ECF website is: www.englishchess.org and the telephone number is 01424 775222. If you have any question or problems related to ECF membership please ask me.

Finally, I do hope that you will join the club this year. The committee is determined that the club should remain the most active club in the county and one which provides match , tournament and friendly play for players of every standard and age group. Therefore if you wish to raise any issues about what the club offers or the way it is run please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the committee. Current committee members are: Andrew Kinder, Trefor Thynne, Paul Brooks, John Allen, Dominic Mackle, Jacquie Barber-Lafon and John Fraser (junior representative).

I look forward to seeing you at the club at the opening night.

Trefor Thynne


3rd September 2013.




Ref Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
129415F Abbott, Mark V M   Exmouth 165 X 172 A 159 E 164 E
264751F Allen, John E M   Newton Abbot 133 B 138 A 143 B 142 A
128118F Barber-Lafon, Jacquie F   Newton Abbot 137 A 122 A 125 C 115 D
247356C Billings, Alex J M   Newton Abbot 171 C 176 A     158 C
290737K Blackmore, Joshua M 13 Newton Abbot 80 A 79 D 71 E    
292542E Boyes, Dylan M 12 Newton Abbot 53 E            
215149C Brooks, Paul M   Newton Abbot 167 B 161 A        
107557D Brusey, Alan W M   Teignmouth 181 X 171 X 183 C 176 D
286276B Chornenkyy, Andriy M 15 Newton Abbot 47 E 55 D        
286400K Chornenkyy, Katie F 10 Newton Abbot 2 D 10 D        
285524A Chornenkyy, Vitali M   Newton Abbot 127 C 120 D        
285528J Darlow, Paul M   Newton Abbot 61 E 60 D 74 E 75 D
279819A Fraser, John M 15 Newton Abbot 163 X 154 A 163 C 134 C
292543G Germain, Calum M   Newton Abbot 49 D 49 E        
111441E Gorodi, John G M   Teignmouth 159 A 138 X 138 D 141 D
292544J Griffin, Daniel T M   Newton Abbot 93 E            
264314F Hocking, J Roger M   Newton Abbot 118 C 126 C        
162619L Homer, Stephen J M   Exeter 188 A 183 B     185 D
286277D Katz, Michael M 14 Newton Abbot 31 E 40 D        
162701G Kinder, Andrew S M   Newton Abbot 150 B 164 B 158 C 168 D
292545L Knott, Jim AG M 12 Newton Abbot 101 A     98 E    
269131A Leung, Jeff M 17 Newton Abbot 162 A 180 A 164 E 163 D
114766D Mackle, Dominic M   Newton Abbot 204 X 214 X     185 D
272540L Mills, Nathan M   Brixham 140 X 134 X 120 B 116 B
279880D Milne, James E M 13 Newton Abbot 88 B 84 A 95 E 70 E
279359D Narayanan, Nandaja F 13 Newton Abbot 92 A 85 D 88 E 88 E
147649L O'Grady, James J M   Newton Abbot 98 A 111 A 108 E 113 E
292546B Ozzard-Low, Patrick M   Newton Abbot 125 E            
287959B Rahimili, Nijad M   Torquay 162 A 152 A 140 C 145 D
276543D Ramesh, Vignesh M 12 Newton Abbot 112 A 98 A 99 D 78 E
268151B Rochford, Charles T M   Torquay Grammar School 103 D 110 D        
281087G Sanders-Wyatt, Ben M 12 Newton Abbot 56 D 62 D        
231051L Schofield, Stephen W M   Grange 160 X 165 A        
292547D Sturt, Benjamin M   Newton Abbot 62 E            
182650F Taylor, Wilfred RP M   Newton Abbot 136 B 140 C        
242035B Thompson, Robert M   Bristol University 186 X 180 X 173 E 164 D
120405B Thynne, Trefor F M   Newton Abbot 165 A 168 A 162 D 163 B
286281F Whitehead, Rafe M 15 Newton Abbot 78 C 77 A        
286282H Wray, Jared M 16 Torquay Grammar School 107 D 104 D