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A new annual event?

On 20th June the Newton Abbot Chess Club hosted a rapid play event in a popular cafe in Newton Abbot.  They would like this to become an annual event, so Club Secretaries, make a note in your diary.  See News/Newton Abbot for more details.

Brian Hewson in International Tournament

As previously reported, recently Brian Hewson combined a holiday and chess by taking part in an international tournament in Sardinia.

His report on the event together with the games he played can be seen HERE.

The 2014 British Championship starts here!

As Keith Arkell - a former British Champion -  has been chosen to represent England in the World Senior Chess Championship and as this event clashes with the 2014 British Championship being held in Aberystywyth, he has been allowed to play the first round of the ECF event out of time.  In the first round he was paired with Alan Brusey and that game was played locally on 25th June.  The result and game can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, it would appear that at the moment Keith will not get a similar disposition in the second round which also over-laps the two events and may not be awarded any score.

We offer both Keith and Alan our best wishes for the remainder of the event.

To date other local players entering the Championship are Jack Rudd, Theo Slade, John Fraser and Jeremy Menadue.


A chance to play a former world champion!

The East Budleigh Chess Club are offering a chance to play against a former world champion.  This is a grand chance to test your skills against one of the best chess players ever.  Just visit East Budleigh to take on this challenge or go to News/Exeter & District League for more information.

A bit of history

During September 1938 the Plymouth Chess Club celebrated its Jubilee by holding a tournament that included two World Champions - Alexander Alekhine and Vera Menchik. In an eight player round-robin the remainder of the field was completed with local players. Ron Bruce, no doubt one of the organisers of  the event, took part and had the unusual experience of playing both World Champions on the same day!  As was to be expected, Alekhine won the event, albeit not playing at his brilliant best.  All his games can be seen HERE.

Will this be The Book of the Year?

Many organisations such as the English Chess Federation and "Chess Café" run a "Book of the Year" competition and "Chess Devon" have judged that John Nunn's new book "John Nunn's Chess Course" has a very good chance of entering the lists and winning.

See Articles/Reviews for a look at this jewel of a book.

DCCA Tournaments 2013/14

Tim Paulden is the Devon Champion

All DCCA tournaments are now complete and the full details can be seen on News/DCCA. Unfortunately the Tournament Secretary had to apply double defaults where some fixtures were not completed within the due dates.

WECU Championships

For details see Congresses/WECU which show the prize list, photographs and crosstables for all events.

Our thanks to Tony Tatam for providing this data.


A general view of the playing hall

The WECU Championships started on Friday 18th April and this year were held at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth - just down the hill from the Royal Beacon Hotel.


Studying chess made easy

Do you find it difficult studying with a board and an open book?  If so take a look at Articles/Chess on the Move, and get some ideas on how to make it much simpler.


The 33rd Teignmouth Rapidplay Tournament was played at its usual venue of The Trinity School, Teignmouth on Saturday 5th April.  The 58 competitors were split into two groups with the Open being won by Steve Homer.  Go to Congresses/Teignmouth for cross tables.

Left - Steve Homer collects the Walker Cup from Norman Tidy.

Photo courtesy of Ray Chubb

Keith Arkell wins over 50 European Championship

In a nine round Swiss tournament played in Porto Portugal, held from 9th to 17th March, Keith Arkell won the over 50 European Championship. He scored 7 points to be half a point more than the second placed players in a field of 36.

East Devon Congress

The first round of the 39th East Devon Congress was played on Friday evening 28th February at the Corn Exchange, Exeter.  There was a surprise in the first round of the Open which saw  young Theo Slade beat Stephen Dilleigh a veteran of this event.

Go to Congresses/East Devon for the Prize List and Crosstables

We shall be giving all the games of the Open -

Database of games by Local Players

During the life of "Chess Devon" we have collected games played by local players in tournaments, county games, club games etc. until we have accumulated circa 27,000 such games.  The term "Local Players" rather loosely describes all players who have participated in these tournaments etc.  We are willing to place this database on sale by download at the price of £12.

If you are interested, please contact

Sale of Chess Magazines

It is some time ago that we held our last sale, but now we have a number of chess magazines being offered at very keen prices.  Go HERE there may be an ideal gift available either for yourself or others.



Chess Coaching with Kevin Hurst (ECF Accredited Coach)

For chess coaching, lectures, simultaneous displays etc. contact Dominic Mackle.  See his prospectus HERE

In retail news ChessBaron have unveiled several new chess set designs. The company say that the Baggio, Alexander and and King Edward are good additions to their range line-up.

Chess Sets UK - Online Supplier of Chess Sets & Boards.





Coming Events


The Mind Games Academy will be putting on a variety of game competitions including chess at the Plymouth college of Arts on 16th and 17th August 2014.

For further details go to HERE.

Devon County Chess Association


At the

Livermead House Hotel

Torquay TQ2 6QJ

Sunday 31st  August – Saturday 6th September 2014

(Opening Ceremony at 13.45)


Early entry advised

 Ron Bruce Premier: (FIDE-rated) 1st £600 2nd £300 3rd £200 4th £100 & 3 Grading Prizes of £50

An ECF nominated place in the 2015 British Championship will be awarded to the highest placed competitor not otherwise qualified: £100 will be paid towards the entry fee..

Rowena Bruce Challengers: (U-180) 1st £300  2nd £200 3rd £100 & 3 Grading prizes of £50

The Walker Minor:     (U-130)     1st £300   2nd £200   3rd £100   & 3 Grading prizes of £50

Steve Boniface 5-rd Morning: (U-180) 1st £300 2nd £200 3rd £100 & 3 Grading prizes of £50

Reg Thynne 5-Rd. Morning: (U-130)  1st 300  2nd £200  3rd £100 & 3 Grading prizes of £50.   Bands for Grading Prizes will be determined by the nature of the entries and will be announced by the Arbiter responsible for each section.

A special Slow Starter Prize (0/2 pts) of £20 will be awarded in each section.

Entry Form & Details can be downloaded HERE

 and HERE


The congress moved to the Livermead House Hotel last year, and the vast majority of players preferred the new venue, mainly due to the overall playing conditions. Naturally, we are keen to maintain this standard.

Therefore, following a generous donation specifically given to enhance Morning play it was decided, after checking the grade range of previous Morning events, to introduce an Under 130 section.

I do hope you will understand what we are trying to achieve.

We look forward to seeing you again at the congress.

Alan Crickmore March 2014


With Carlsen holding the World Championship title for just a few months, the search commences to find a challenger.  On 13th March the first round of a Candidates tournament was played in Khanty-Mansiysk, a small province in Russia.  The nominated players are

  Candidate Country
1 Levon Aronian Armenia
2 Vladimir Kramnik Russia
3 Veselin Topalov Bulgaria
4 Viswanathan Anand India
5 Sergey Karjakin Russia
6 Peter Svidler Russia
7 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Azerbaijan
8 Dmitry Andreikin Russia

The event is a double round robin with a time control of 120 minutes for the first 40 moves, 60 minutes for the next 20 and 15 minutes for the remainder of the game plus 30 seconds a move starting with move 61.


The results for the final round are:


Round Fourteen – 30.03.2014
Aronian Levon
Karjakin Sergey
Anand Viswanathan
Svidler Peter
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Kramnik Vladimir
Topalov Veselin
Andreikin Dmitry

Anand had little to gain by trying to force the issue in his game with Svidler and was quite satisfied to agree a draw in 34 moves.

Similar sentiments prevailed in Kramnik's game with Mamedyrov, but for different reasons.  That draw came in 30 moves.

However, the result of the remaining games had some significance.  Aronian, Karjakin and Andreikin were striving for a share of second place and Topolov to save himself the indignity of finishing last.

Both games were hard fought.  It took Topolov and Andreikin 69 moves to satisfy themselves that their game was drawn and 94 moves for Karjakin to grind Aronian down and gain second place.

The tournament was a great success for Anand as many people had written him off after his mauling by Carlsen.  From the word go he strove to liven up his game and establish his superiority.  His win over Aronian in the first round set him on the road, and he held on in first place for the remainder of the event.  A great performance by the ex-world champion.


Anand Viswanathan
Karjakin Sergey
Kramnik Vladimir 7
Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 7
Andreikin Dmitry 7
Aronian Levon
Svidler Peter
Topalov Veselin 6

See the games HERE



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