SEASON 2012 - 2013








Andrew Kinder    

Trefor Thynne
The Farriers     54 Silverwood Avenue
Kingston   Milber
Kingsbridge TQ7 4PP  Newton Abbot TQ12 4LG

Tel: 01548 810750                                    

 01626 337876
Dominic Mackle  Andrew Kinder
Prospect Cottage   The Farriers
2 Bradley Road  Kingston

Newton Abbot TQ12 1LT

Tel: 01626 356868 Tel:01548 810750


The Newton Abbot Chess Club was reformed in 2004 and is affiliated to the Devon County Chess Association, the West of England Chess Union and the Torbay Chess League.

The club meets on Thursday evenings, from 27th September, weekly at 7pm at The Courtenay Centre, Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot. The club takes part in internal competitions, and are also prominent in the Torbay Chess League where they have teams in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Rapidplay tournament. The club also has a team comprising solely of youngsters and all youngsters are encouraged to come to the club where they can take part and learn to play chess.

The club also have teams in Devon County competitions, namely the Bremridge Cup, the Schofield Cup, the Bloodworth Cup and the Knockout Cup.

The club has claim to many of the top players in the county but this should not deter anyone from joining as the club caters for both the social and serious player.

Anyone interested in playing chess is welcome to telephone any of the above-mentioned officers for information.



Ref Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
129415F Abbott, Mark V M   Exmouth 156 X 172 A 159 E 164 E
264751F Allen, John E M   Newton Abbot 133 B 138 A 143 B 142 A
128118F Barber-Lafon, Jacquie F   Newton Abbot 138 A 122 A 125 C 115 D
247356C Billings, Alex J M   Newton Abbot 171 C 176 A     158 C
290737K Blackmore, Joshua M 13 Newton Abbot 84 A 79 D 71 E    
292542E Boyes, Dylan M 12 Newton Abbot 98 E            
215149C Brooks, Paul M   Newton Abbot 167 B 161 A        
107557D Brusey, Alan W M   Teignmouth 181 X 171 X 183 C 176 D
286276B Chornenkyy, Andriy M 15 Newton Abbot 64 E 55 D        
286400K Chornenkyy, Katie F 10 Newton Abbot 20 D 10 D        
285524A Chornenkyy, Vitali M   Newton Abbot 127 C 120 D        
285528J Darlow, Paul M   Newton Abbot 61 E 60 D 74 E 75 D
279819A Fraser, John M 15 Newton Abbot 163 X 154 A 163 C 134 C
292543G Germain, Calum M   Newton Abbot 49 D 49 E        
111441E Gorodi, John G M   Teignmouth 159 A 138 X 138 D 141 D
292544J Griffin, Daniel T M   Newton Abbot 93 E            
264314F Hocking, J Roger M   Newton Abbot 118 C 126 C        
162619L Homer, Stephen J M   Exeter 188 A 183 B     185 D
286277D Katz, Michael M 14 Newton Abbot 31 E 40 D        
162701G Kinder, Andrew S M   Newton Abbot 150 B 164 B 158 C 168 D
292545L Knott, Jim AG M 12 Newton Abbot 106 A     98 E    
269131A Leung, Jeff M 17 Newton Abbot 162 A 180 A 164 E 163 D
114766D Mackle, Dominic M   Newton Abbot 204 X 214 X     185 D
272540L Mills, Nathan M   Brixham 140 X 134 X 120 B 116 B
279880D Milne, James E M 13 Newton Abbot 93 B 84 A 95 E 70 E
279359D Narayanan, Nandaja F 13 Newton Abbot 96 A 85 D 88 E 88 E
147649L O'Grady, James J M   Newton Abbot 98 A 111 A 108 E 113 E
292546B Ozzard-Low, Patrick M   Newton Abbot 126 E            
287959B Rahimili, Nijad M   Newton Abbot 162 A 152 A 140 C 145 D
276543D Ramesh, Vignesh M 12 Newton Abbot 115 A 98 A 99 D 78 E
268151B Rochford, Charles T M   Torquay Grammar School 103 D 110 D        
281087G Sanders-Wyatt, Ben M 12 Newton Abbot 77 D 62 D        
292547D Sturt, Benjamin M   Newton Abbot 63 E            
182650F Taylor, Wilfred RP M   Newton Abbot 136 B 140 C        
242035B Thompson, Robert M   Bristol University 186 X 180 X 173 E 164 D
120405B Thynne, Trefor F M   Newton Abbot 165 A 168 A 162 D 163 B
286281F Whitehead, Rafe M 15 Newton Abbot 79 C 77 A        
286282H Wray, Jared M 16 Torquay Grammar School 108 D 104 D      



Club Champion: Dominic Mackle.  Runner-Up:  Nijad Rahimli

Best under 150 performance: Jacquie Barber-Lafon

Best under 120 performance: Vitali Chornenkyy

Best junior performance: Jim Knott

Rapidplay Tournament: Alan Brusey

Junior Championship: Vignesh Ramesh.  Runner-up: Nandaja Narayanan

Junior Challengers Tournament: Calum Germain

Club Match-Play awards: Winner:  Wilf  Taylor.           Runner-up: Paul Brooks



Bremridge Cup No grade limit Captain: Trefor Thynne
Tiverton  Home  Saturday 15th December    4½ - 1½  Won
Exmouth  Away   Saturday 12th January    3 -3      Drew
Teignmouth Away Saturday 2nd February    5½ - ½    Won
Exeter     Home Saturday 16 March 1½ - 4½   Lost
MAMHEAD CUP  under 640 Captain: John Allen
Barnstaple  Away Saturday 24th November 2½ - 1½  Won
Tiverton   Home  Saturday 26th January   1½ - 2½ Lost
Teignmouth            Home Saturday 23rd February  1 – 3   Lost
Exmouth  Away   Saturday 23rd March ½  – 3 ½ Lost
SCHOFIELD CUP under 560 Captain: Paul Brooks
Teignmouth  Home  Saturday 17th November       2 - 2  Drew
Tiverton  Away Saturday 15th December 3½ - ½ Won 
Tiverton Home  Saturday 23rd February   3 – 1 Won
Teignmouth   Away    Saturday 16th March   2 – 2 Drew
MOYLE CUP under 480 Captain: Jim O’Grady/Trefor Thynne
Barnstaple   Away    Saturday 24th November   2½ - 1½  Won
Tiverton Home   Saturday 26th January 1 – 3  Lost
Teignmouth  Home  Saturday 2nd February   1 – 3    Lost
Exeter Away    Saturday 23rd March 2 ½ - 1 ½ Won
PETER ROOKE KNOCK-OUT CUP 8 boards Under 1120 Captain: Trefor Thynne
Tiverton   Away  Saturday 5th January    5 ½ - 2 ½ Won
Teignmouth    Home  Saturday 27th April   4 ½ - 3 ½ Won 





Devon County Chess Association – Match Result Sheet

Competition  Rooke Cup Knock-Out

 Match date:.27.4.13

Sent by  NACC

Home Team                NEWTON ABBOT      

    Away Team          TEIGNMOUTH

















Grade Code

Member Y/N

Grade Code






 Jeffrey LEUNG





Alan Brusey











Bill Ingham











John Gorodi











John Ariss











Norman Tidy











Bill Tindal











Wally Sapieacha






Vignesh RAMESH





Denis Ayress





Match Result =


4 1/2

3 1/2















                          Newsletter January 2013

Dear club member

            With Christmas behind us we are now in that rather strange period before the New Year (a whole week of Sundays!)  so I thought it was time to get a newsletter out in time for the second half of what has already been a busy season.

            A belated welcome to all those new members who have joined us this year: Nijad Rahimili, Daniel Griffin, Patrick Ozzard-Low, Louis Brzozka, Nathan Mills are our adult recruits all of whom have already represented the club successfully in matches. We are also pleased to see so many keen new junior players: Vignesh Ramesh, Nandaja Narayanan, Calum Germain, Ben Sturt, Jim Knott and  Dylan Boyes are already playing an active part in the club with a thriving Junior Tournament under way.

            It has been good too to welcome Roger Hocking back from his travels in the USA: Roger has immediately taken on the captaincy of our Torbay League Division 3 team.

 While on the subject of individuals it was good to see Alex Billings at Christmas, back from his studies in York. Congratulations are due too to Vitali Chornenkyy on passing the exams necessary to become a doctor in the UK.  And well done to Jacquie Barber-Lafon on winning first prize in the Minor Tournament of the CASTLE CHESS CONGRESS  in Dudley, West Midlands in October.

           I was struck recently at the Cornwall v Devon fixture held in Saltash how Newton Abbot is  providing nearly half the County first team, a reflection of the club’s current strength.  If one then includes club members who played for the county second team against Dorset a few weeks earlier (John Allen, John Fraser, John Gorodi) that makes double figures.  Another measure of this can be seen from the list which I compiled (see CHESSDEVON website) listing all the winners of the DCCA Division 1 trophy (Bremridge Cup) since its inception in 1927: only 2 winners (Exeter and Plymouth) between 1928 and 1965; five different winners between 1999 and 2012 and Newton Abbot on a run of three consecutive victories 2010-12 (we are lining up a fourth for 2013!).

         I hope those members who came to the last Thursday meeting before Xmas (an excellent turn-out!) enjoyed the social  aspect and the session using the demonstration board. We are grateful to Jacquie Barber-Lafon whose efforts with the Xmas Draw raised £46 for club funds.   We have recently purchased one new good-quality noticeboard which you will see on your next visit.       

       From the team results point of view a brief summary of what has happened since October:


Div 1: only one match played, a 3 ½ - ½  win against Torquay Boys’ G.S. The Torquay match on 6th December was postponed until the New Year.

Div 2:  v Brixham won 2 ½ - 1 ½    v TBGS lost 1 ½- 2 ½ but match awarded to N Abbot as TBGS exceeded the grade limit!

Div 3:  v South Hams lost 1-3 v TBGS won 4-0 v Plymouth lost 1 ½ - 2 ½  v Teignmouth won   2 ½ - 1 ½

Div 4: v Plymouth Drew 2-2. The match away to South Hams has been postponed to 11th April.

Rapidplay: v South Hams drew 4-4              v Brixham won 4 ½ - 3 ½

Knock-Out Cup; round 1 bye. Round 2 v TBGS home 7th February.


Div 1 (Bremridge) v Tiverton  won 4 ½ - 1 ½     Exmouth match on 12th January (away)

Div 2 (Mamhead)  v Barnstaple won 2 ½ - 1 ½ .  Tiverton match at home 26th January

Div 3 (Schofield) v Teignmouth drew 2-2     v Tiverton won 3 ½ - ½.   Tiverton away 23rd Feb.

Div 4 (Moyle) v Barnstaple won 2 ½ - 1 ½.   Teignmouth match home 2nd February

Junior Division (Bloodworth): dates for matches v Exeter Juniors, TBGS and Broadclyst P.S. to be arranged in New Year. Rafe Whitehead captain.

Knock-Out Cup (Peter Rooke): semi-final away to Tiverton 5th January.

So a mostly successful first half of the season. But it must be added that we do not enter only to win as we aim to give all members wishing to play match chess the chance to represent the club. 


Despite one or two problems caused by members illnesses or injuries, two rounds have been completed and the Competitions’ Secretary, El Presidente Andrew Kinder, will have the round 3 draw out in time for the next meeting on 3rd January. If you have a problem completing your games by the given deadline please keep Andrew in the picture each time and he can then make the necessary dispensations.

Andrew will also have the RAPIDPLAY TOURNAMENT chart available on 3rd January and will include all games already played.


I am investigating the feasibility of taking a group of club members on a chess trip to Holland in 2013. Some of you will remember a successful visit made by a small group of Dutch players from Torbay’s twin town, Hellevoetsluis, in July 2011. They played matches with Newton Abbot, Exmouth and Teignmouth and had time for some sightseeing. I have had links with the chess club in Hellevoetsluis (De Pionier) since the early 1990s when I twice took parties from TBGS over to play there. Very social and good chess too!

The plan would be to stay for about 4 days, play 3 matches and do some sightseeing. Hellevoetsluis is near Rotterdam and the area is particularly interesting from the point of view of the DELTA PROJECT, the mammoth engineering works undertaken by the Dutch government to prevent flooding. The cost of the trip would include travel by either plane or Eurostar train plus hotel and meals.  I am thinking in terms of the second half of October (school half-term). The trip would be open to any member, adult or junior and probably to members of other clubs as well if interested.

If you are interested in at least finding out more about the trip please let me know either by signing the list in the club or by telling me in person.

Club fixtures: January 2013

Thursday 3rd TL D4 v Teignmouth                      Home

Sat 5th  DCCA K-O Cup (Rooke) v Tiverton        Away

Thursday 10th TL D2 v Teignmouth                    Home

Saturday 12th DCCA D1 Bremridge v Exmouth Away

Tuesday 15th  TL D1 v Teignmouth                     Away

Thursday 17th  TL D3 v South Hams                   Home

Saturday 19th Devon v Hampshire (Wincanton)

Saturday 26th DCCA D2 Mamhead v Tiverton   Home

Saturday 26th DCCA D4 Moyle  v Tiverton         Home

Monday 28th TL Rapid-Play Plymouth               Away

May I wish all members a Happy New Year 2013 and look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

                                              Trefor Thynne   (Secretary)





Holders Newton Abbot began their 2012-13 defence of Devon’s premier chess title with a tough home fixture against possibly their strongest challengers, Tiverton, who have made determined efforts to bolster their squad by looking beyond the county boundaries for new players.  Both teams  were  at  or close to full strength and there were only a few grading points between the two teams, the visitors having a slight edge on paper. All the players in the match were graded over 150.

Of the six games the board 5 clash between Newton Abbot’s new member, Nijad Rahimili (originally from Baku in Azerbaidjan) and Tiverton’s Cornishman, Simon Bartlett, progressed fastest with Rahimili as White dropping a pawn to Bartlett’s Grunfeld Defence but quickly gaining sufficient positional compensation to force an early draw.

On board 3, 17-year old Jeff Leung for the home side (definitely one of Devon’s fastest-improving players)  quickly took advantage of Mike Richardt’s suspect handling of Philidor’s defence and could have won within 15 moves had he spotted an immediately decisive queen sacrifice. He nonetheless produced an impressive performance to give Newton Abbot a lead which they never looked in danger of losing.

On board 6 Trefor Thynne as Black outmanoeuvred old rival Ivor Annetts in the 2c3 d5  variation of the Sicilian which revolved round the age-old theme of White’s isolated queen’s pawn.

On board 4 Newton Abbot’s  Andrew Kinder had a fine win against county captain Brian Hewson. Kinder countered Hewson’s English Opening with an aggressive pawn formation (d6 e5 f5) aimed at a king-side attack which duly materialised in decisive fashion.

This meant that with the top two games still to finish, the match was decided in the home team’s favour. The board 2 clash between Stephen Homer and Dave Littlejohns, a Closed Sicilian with White (Littlejohns) adopting the unusual 2 b3,  always looked to be heading for the draw finally agreed on move 58.

The top board game between Newton Abbot’s Dominic Mackle and Tiverton’s Ben Edgell (Nimzo-Indian Defence) looked for a long time to be going the way  of the home player who seemed to have winning chances in a rook endgame but time pressure caused an inaccuracy leading to an interesting draw.

So the final score was 4 ½ - 1 ½ to Newton Abbot who are obviously determined to hang on to their status as Devon’s  top club. The Bremridge this year should be very competitive with Exeter, Teignmouth and Exmouth also involved. What an even better league it would be if entries came in from Plymouth, Torquay and Barnstaple as well so that it would be a truly whole-county event!

    NEWTON ABBOT                                               TIVERTON

1.      Dominic Mackle (202)         ½                   Ben Edgell (199)             ½

2.      Stephen Homer  (184)         ½                   David Littlejohns (180)    ½

3.      Jeffrey Leung      (169)          1                   Mike Richardt   (177)       0

4.      Andrew Kinder   (162)          1                   Brian Hewson (174)         0

5.      Nijad Rahimili     (161)          ½                  Simon Bartlett (164)        ½

6.      Trefor Thynne     (158)         1                   Ivor Annetts (154)            0

                                                   4 ½                                                  1 ½


Trefor Thynne







    (DCCA Division 1 Champions 2010,2011,2012)         

is looking to recruit new members for the 2012-13 season. Adults and juniors of all ages and playing strengths welcome.

Venue: The COURTENAY CENTRE, (Room 3), Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot (parking available).

Meetings:  Every THURSDAY  from 7 p.m.

2012 Opening night is 27th September when we start with a   10-second “BUZZER” tournament (entry free to club members, £2 for members of other clubs). Start 7 p.m.

On Thursday 11th October (7 p.m.) our Club Champion, Devon Board 1 and recent British Championship candidate, DOMINIC MACKLE, will give a SIMULTANEOUS DISPLAY (other clubs’ members welcome: entry fee £2)

The club is competing for  2012-13 in all the competitions of the TORBAY CHESS LEAGUE and DEVON COUNTY CHESS ASSOCIATION and provides match play opportunity for all members, including juniors.

INTERNAL TOURNAMENTS: (Club Championship run on Swiss System,  Rapidplay, Junior Tournament).

Special events, training evenings held during season.

Excellent playing conditions, refreshment facilities, easy adjacent parking,friendly membership! 

Look no further – Devon’s top club needs YOU!    Contact:  Trefor Thynne (Secretary): 01626 337876 (e-mail: or Andrew Kinder (President): 01548 810750


 Season 2012-13: Newsletter No. 1

Dear member/potential member,

                        As the (non-)summer draws to a close thoughts turn once again to chess. The annual (and, possibly, last-ever) Paignton Congress gets under way on Sunday 2nd September and no doubt many of you will meet up there.

Some of our members have been not only active during the summer but highly successful and I am sure you will join me in congratulating the following on terrific performances in various recent events:

Club Champion Dominic Mackle achieved his best-ever score of 6/11 in the British Championship held in North Shields in July-August. He played several fine games and beat two top players, Richard Palliser and David Egglestone.

Dominic achieved a tournament performance rating of over 2300ELO.

Alan Brusey competed in the Civil Service championships held in Leeds and came second – a superb result.

John Fraser qualified for the Terafinal (National Stage) of the UK Chess Challenge and came 3rd equal in the Challengers”A” Section, scoring 4.5/6. John now is likely to receive an ECF invitation to represent the ECF in a tournament abroad.

I am sure you are keen to know when the club season will get under way: the first meeting of the club will be on THURSDAY 27th SEPTEMBER when a 10-second “BUZZER” tournament will be held. All members, juniors and adults, are invited to take part.

Entries for the club’s internal tournaments can be made on this occasion.

Two weeks later, on THURSDAY 11TH OCTOBER, there will be a SIMULTANEOUS DISPLAY given by our own club champion, DOMINIC MACKLE. Again, all current and potential members are welcome.

Another important date for the diary is SUNDAY 14th OCTOBER when we shall be hosting the annual DCCA Team RapidPlay Event.

The  WECU Jamboree  is scheduled for Sunday 16th September in Taunton.


At the AGM in June members voted to keep the subscription at the same level as before, viz:

FULL ADULT MEMBER:  £70 (if paid before 31.10.12, after which a £10 surcharge is applicable)

ADULT HALF-MEMBER: £35: this membership is available for members who wish EITHER to play ONLY in INTERNAL CLUB COMPETITIONS (i.e not in club teams) OR ONLY in CLUB TEAMS (i.e not in internal club competitions).

JUNIOR MEMBER (including Full-time Student members): £30 (if paid before 31.10.12 after which a surcharge of £10 is applicable)



Most of you are already aware that this is a big moment in the history of English chess and its national federation the ECF. As from 1st September the federation is bringing in the new membership scheme under which the old system of finance by means of the GAME FEE is being replaced by an individual membership system.

The membership year will run from 1st September to 31st August. There are four levels of membership:

Bronze: £13   Juniors: £9                            Silver: £19      Juniors: £13

Gold: £28       Juniors: £22                          Platinum £60  Juniors £60

Almost all our members will be joining at either Bronze or Silver Level (Silver Level membership is required for play in Congresses).


Members who intend to play Congress chess and who therefore require SILVER LEVEL membership of the ECF should add £6 to their subscription payment (unless they have already included the £6 payment with their entry fee for any congress (e.g Paignton).

Some members may already be paid-up existing members of the ECF in which case they need to make sure that the Secretary is informed of  this fact, together with the ECF Membership Number,  on the Membership Form which is sent out with this newsletter. It is perfectly in order for members who  wish to do so to join as an individual and, as long as the club secretary is advised of this, there will be no problem.

Members who are already members of another club do not have to pay again. They should simply make sure that the Club Secretary is advised of their ECF membership number. 

The Club Secretary will have to submit by 31st October to the ECF a spreadsheet list of club members who are not already  ECF members, together with comprehensive data enabling members to be easily identifiable within the system. IT IS VITAL, THEREFORE, THAT THE MEMBERSHIP FORM IS FULLY COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO THE SECRETARY IN GOOD TIME i.e BY MID-OCTOBER.

Details for members joining after October will be submitted to the ECF on a weekly  basis thereafter.

Members should note that both the TORBAY CHESS LEAGUE and the DEVON COUNTY CHESS ASSOCIATION voted to make ECF membership a necessary condition for participation in their respective competitions.

 I hope that all the above is clear! I look forward to seeing you at the start of the season.

 Trefor Thynne (Club Secretary)


GRADINGS 2012/2013 (JANUARY 2013)
Ref Name Sex Age Club(s) Category Standard Previous Category Rapid Previous
129415F Abbott, Mark V M   Exmouth A 172 167 E 168  
264751F Allen, John E M   Newton Abbot A 138 149 A 142 147
128118F Barber-Lafon, Jacquie F   Newton Abbot A 122 119 D 115 115
247356C Billings, Alex J M   Newton Abbot A 176 171 C 158 158
290737K Blackmore, Joshua M 12 Newton Abbot D 76        
215149C Brooks, Paul J M   Newton Abbot A 161 157      
107557D Brusey, Alan W M   Teignmouth X 171 174 D 176 175
286276B Chornenkyy, Andriy M 14 Newton Abbot D 53 47      
286400K Chornenkyy, Katie F 9 Newton Abbot D 8 0      
285524A Chornenkyy, Vitali M   Newton Abbot D 120 117      
245568H Darling, George A M 17 Torquay Grammar School D 153 154      
285528J Darlow, Paul M   Newton Abbot D 60 62 D 75 75
209855G Doidge, John E M   Newton Abbot D 108 108 D 105 105
286401A Fradd, George M 9 Newton Abbot D 15 6      
279819A Fraser, John M 14 Newton Abbot A 154 153 C 134 128
292543G Germain, Calum M   Newton Abbot E 45        
111441E Gorodi, John G M   Teignmouth X 138 148 D 141 142
273678A Gow-Smith, Alexander J M 13 Torquay Grammar School E 90 91      
254889G Head, Sam M 17 Newton Abbot C 106 105      
264314F Hocking, J Roger M   Newton Abbot C 126 128      
162619L Homer, Stephen J M   Exeter B 183 184 D 185 182
113071H Howard, Charles V M   Newton Abbot D 156 154      
286277D Katz, Michael M 13 Newton Abbot D 38 34      
162701G Kinder, Andrew S M   Newton Abbot B 164 162 D 168 166
269131A Leung, Jeff M 16 Newton Abbot A 180 169 D 163 164
114766D Mackle, Dominic M   Newton Abbot X 214 202 D 185 190
272540L Mills, Nathan M   Brixham X 135 125 B 116 116
279880D Milne, James E M 12 Newton Abbot A 83 69 E 70  
279359D Narayanan, Nandaja F 12 Newton Abbot D 86        
277504K O'Grady, Jim M   Newton Abbot A 111 113 E 113 113
287959B Rahimili, Nijad M   Torquay A 152 161 D 145 145
276543D Ramesh, Vignesh M 11 Newton Abbot A 91 76      
268151B Rochford, Charles T M 17 Newton Abbot D 112 118      
281087G Sanders-Wyatt, Ben M 11 Newton Abbot D 59 44      
231051L Schofield, Stephen W M   Teignmouth A 161 162      
118649J Scurfield, Sam     South Bradford E 146 142      
268153F Sugden, Freddie M   Newton Abbot B 129 129 E 142 142
182650F Taylor, Wilfred RP M   Newton Abbot C 140 136      
242035B Thompson, Robert M   Newton Abbot X 180 176 D 164 164
120405B Thynne, Trefor F M   Newton Abbot A 168 158 B 163 163
277545B Tugwell, Samuel M 15 Devon Junior D 58 54      
286281F Whitehead, Rafe M 14 Newton Abbot A 76 65