SEASON 2015/2016





Andrew Kinder    

Trefor Thynne
The Farriers     54 Silverwood Avenue
Kingston   Milber
Kingsbridge TQ7 4PP  Newton Abbot TQ12 4LG

Tel: 01548 810750                                    

 01626 337876
 Email:ask.27@btinternet.com                                                   email:tthynne@tbgs.Torbay.sch.uk
Jacquie Barber- Lafon Andrew Kinder
19, Southey Crescent The Farriers
Kingskerswell Kingston
TQ12 5JQ Kingsbridge
Tel 01803 872954 Tel:01548 810750
E mail: jbarberlafon@btinternet.com E-Mail: ask.27@btinternet.com



Affiliated to:

Devon County Chess Association

Torbay Chess League

Exeter & District League

Meetings Held (September - May) at:

The Courtenhay Centre

Kingsteignton Road

Newton Abbot  TQ12 2PG

Telephone 01626 365877

For further information about membership contact the Secretary :


Trefor Thynne

TEL : 01626 337876

E-MAIL : thynne@tbgs.torbay.sch.uk


Subscription rates 2015 -16 :


Full adult : £65

Junior : £30

Concessionary rates at committee discretion

English Chess Federation Membership rates


Gold : Adult £32 Junior £26


Silver : Adult £22 Junior £16


Bronze : Adult £15 Junior £11


New Junior Member free for one year from 1.9.15


Dear member/new member/potential member,

                            I am pleased to welcome you to the new season at Newton Abbot Chess Club, our eleventh since the re-founding of the club in 2005.

                           I hope you have enjoyed a good summer despite the disappointing August weather. I know that many members have travelled abroad to various destinations. Your Secretary got as far as Beijing on the Trans-Siberian Railway this year but is back and raring to go over the 64 squares!  At the time of writing a number of club members are playing at the annual DCCA “Paignton”Congress at the Livermead House Hotel.

                         One issue from last year which I have been attempting to resolve is the question of noisy music from the Venning Keep-Fit activity downstairs on club nights. I have had conversations with the Centre Manager and the Manager of the Venning Keep-Fit organsisation.  The latter is sympathetic to our problem and has promised to try to minimize the noise by reducing the bass volume of the music, though he will not stop the music completely. In any case the session is scheduled to finish at 7.35 p.m. We shall monitor this during the early weeks of the season.

                      The club’s OPENING NIGHT is THURSDAY 24th SEPTEMBER (7 p.m.). At a recent committee meeting we decided to try something different this year to get the season underway so there will be a Rapidplay match (2 x 30 minutes) between teams representing AGE and YOUTH (the dividing line between the two will be drawn when we see who turns up on the night!). It should make for a lively, friendly start. New members will be particularly welcome to take part. Of course anybody who would prefer just to play normal friendly games can choose to do so instead.

                   As ever we are looking to foster the progress of our junior members this year. Last year’s juniors made great strides and we are hoping to recruit some new youngsters.

We are intending to run more coaching sessions for juniors this season, probably one per month.     We are also intending to run at least three coaching evenings aimed at the whole membership. The first of these will take place at the third club night on 8th October when there will be 3 half-hour sessions run by Paul Brooks, John Fraser and myself. Again any member who prefers to just play chess on that evening will be able to do so.

                We have a new club treasurer: Jacquie Barber-Lafon has taken over from Dominic Mackle who’s having a sabbatical year from chess.  She will be delighted to receive subscriptions at any time from now on and early payment would be very helpful as the club has a number of financial commitments to meet in September and October. The treasurer’s address is: 19 Southey Crescent, Kingskerswell.

               Subscriptions for this year are unchanged at £65 for adults and £30 for juniors. The committee has the discretion to vary these rates in individual cases where appropriate. Cheques should be made payable to NEWTON ABBOT CHESS CLUB

           The match programme for the new season will be similar to last year with teams in the various divisions of the Torbay League, DCCA and Exeter and District League. We aim to repeat last year’s highly successful experiment of entering the National Club Championship in  Birmingham in April.

         ECF MEMBERSHIP:  club members are reminded that they need to renew their English Chess Federation memberships from 1st September. Rates have increased.  Adult membership rates are:  Gold £32 Silver £22 Bronze£15. Junior members: Gold £26 Silver £16 Bronze £11. Any junior member who has not previously been an ECF member can have one year’s free membership. Details of how to join are on the ECF website (www.englishchess.org.uk) or it can be done via the club secretary if you prefer. ECF Bronze membership is a precondition of playing in external matches for the club.

 INTERNAL TOURNAMENT ENTRY:  this is important!!

The committee decided that this year we should revert to an All-Play-All format for the club’s internal championships. There will be three sections: Championship, Challengers, Minor. It is intended that promotion and relegation between the sections should apply for next season. If you wish to enter it is essential to inform Andrew Kinder, the Competitions’ Secretary, by Thursday  8th October, the deadline for entry. You also need to let him know if you wish to enter the club’ RAPIDPLAY TOURNAMENT  (30 minutes per player). Andrew’s e-mail address is:  ask.27@btinternet.com

Junior members are welcome to apply to enter the championship tournaments. There will also be junior tournaments on the same pattern as last year: Autumn Junior from October to January followed by Junior Championship and Challengers tournaments from February to May. These will be run by the Secretary. It is not necessary to enter these in advance as all junior members will be automatically included.

I look forward to welcoming you all at the first club night on 24th September!

Trefor Thynne  (Club Secretary)                                                                             14.9.15

01626 337876                         tthynne@tbgs.torbay.sch.uk



Summary of trophies and awards made at AGM on 19th May 2016


Club Champion (Section A): Paul Brooks

Section B (Challengers): Joint winners:

 Vignesh Ramesh  (Best under 150 perfomance)

Jacqueline Barber-Lafon (Best under 125 performance)

Runner-Up: Joshua Blackmore

Section C:  Winner: Yannis Wells

Runners-up: Bracken Lockett

                       Luke Glasson

Rapidplay Tournament: Winner: Paul Brooks

Junior Championship: Winner: Luke Glasson

                                          Runner-up: Ben Sanders-Wyatt

Junior Challengers:     Winner: Nirinjana Narayanan

Junior Improvement award: Joshua Blackmore

Newcomer Award: Jake Corbett

Match-Play Awards:  Best percentage score: Joshua Blackmore

                                       Runner-up: Stephen Homer

                                       Best under 100 performance: Mike Hussey

                                      Loyalty award for most appearances: Wilf Taylor


T.F.Thynne (Secretary)  24.5.16

Newsletter February 2016

Dear club member

                          I thought it was time for a review of recent match activity and an update on progress in the club’s internal tournaments.

                         First however a warm welcome to our latest  new members OIBEK RUZIBAYEV and LEVAN LOMIDZE. These young men (Oibek is from Kazakhstan and Levan from Georgia) are currently studying at Stover School and look likely to prove useful team members in the future.

Match results since 1st January:

Torbay League

Div 1 “A” team:   v Teignmouth H 18 Feb Won 4-0 (Homer 1 Thynne 1 Marshall 1 Best 1). Next match 17 March v N Abbot “B”

Div 1 “B” team: v South Hams H 7 Jan  Lost ½ - 3 ½  Kinder 0 Ramesh 0 Taylor 0 Barber-Lafon ½).                                                                                                                                                          v          v  Plymouth  H 4 Feb Lost ½- 3 ½ (Mackle ½ Kinder 0 Ruzibayev 0 Wells 0 )

 Next match 17 March v N Abbot “A”

Div 2 team:  v Torquay H 11 Feb Won 2 ½ - 1 ½  (Homer 0 Brooks 1 Blackmore ½ Wilkes 1). Next match: 10 March v Teignmouth H

Div 3 team: v Torquay A  6 Jan Lost ½- 3 ½ (Taylor 0 Barber-Lafon ½ Blackmore 0 Corbett 0)

                      v South Hams H 4 Feb Lost 1½- 2 ½  (Taylor 0 Barber-Lafon ½ Blackmore 0 Narayanan 1)

                     v Teignmouth H 18 Feb Won 4-0 (Ramesh 1 Barber-Lafon 1 Blackmore 1 Narayanan 1)

Next match 7 March v Plymouth A

Div 4 team:  no matches yet played in 2016 – next match 7.3.16 v Teignmouth H ( team Wilkes Lockett  Corbett Sanders-Wyatt)

Rapidplay: v Plymouth H 14 Jan Drew 4-4 (Homer 2 Kinder 1 Cockerton 1 Pringle 0)

                   v SouthHams H 21 Jan Lost 2-6 ( details not to hand)

                    Next match 14 March v Plymouth A

Knock-Out Cup:  Semi-final v Teignmouth A 2 Feb Won 4 ½- 1 ½ (Thynne ½ Best 1 Taylor 1 Blackmore 1 Hussey 1 Corbett 0)


Division1 Bremridge Cup: 23 Jan v Exeter A Won 4-2 (Homer ½ Thynne 1 Brooks 1 Kinder ½ Ramesh ½ Taylor ½)

Next match   16 April v Tiverton A

Division 2 Mamhead Cup:  30  Jan v Exmouth H Won 3-1 (Fraser 1 Kinder 0 Ramesh 1 Wilby 1)

Next match 19 March v Barnstaple H

Division 3 Schofield Cup:  13 Feb v Teignmouth H Won 4-0 (Ramesh 1 Wilby 1 Taylor 1 Blackmore 1)

Next match  20 Feb v Barnstaple A

Division 4 Moyle Cup:  6 Feb v Tiverton A Won 2 ½- 1 ½  (Barber-Lafon 1 Hussey ½ Corbett ½ Glasson ½)

Next match 2 April v Exeter H

Knock-Out Rooke Cup:  semifinal   9 Jan v Exeter H Won 4 ½ - 3 ½ (Fraser 1 Brooks ½ Kinder ½ Ramesh 1 Taylor 1 Barber-Lafon 0 Blackmore ½ Hussey 0)

Final v Tiverton A 30 April


Premiership: 26 Jan v Exeter Bishops A Won 3-1 (Homer 1 Thynne 0 Ramesh 1 Taylor 1)

Next match 3 March H v Exeter Rooks

Championship:  21 Jan v Seaton (at Exeter) Won 2 ½ - 1 ½  (details not to hand)

Next match  12 April v Sidmouth (at Exeter)


To sum up we are doing better in the DCCA competitions  and the EDL than the Torbay League though results overall since Xmas have been much better and we are still in the running to win several competitions.

We will need members to continue to make themselves available as often as possible, especially for away trips as we have a bus schedule right up to the end of April.

A particular word of congratulations to some of our junior members who often turn out at short notice to fill gaps in teams and whose results continue to be very encouraging (notably Vignesh , Nandaja, Ben,Josh and Jake  this season).


Section A Championship:

This section has been affected by the withdrawals of Kevin Hurst, Mark Hui and John Fraser. The scores of the remaining five players (including for the moment games played against players who have subsequently given notice of withdrawal) are:

Paul Brooks 3 (3 games played)  Matthew Wilson 2 (5)  Alan Brusey 1 (2) Trefor Thynne ½ (2) Stephen Homer 0 (2)

Section B

Josh Blackmore 3(4) Jacquie Barber-Lafon 3 (6) Vignesh Ramesh 2 ½ (4) Nathan Mills 2 (2) Mike Hussey 2 (4) Andrew Kinder 1 ½ (2) Nandaja Narayanan ½ (3) Wilf Taylor ½ (4)

A well- contested tournament whose top two will have the right to promotion for next season!)

Section C

The largest section so lots of games to be played before the middle of May! Top two go up!

Bracken Lockett 4 (%) Luke Glasson 4(5) Sam Wilkes 3 (6)  Yannis Wells 2 ½ (4) David Peacock 2 (2) Ben Sanders-Wyatt 2 (5) Philip Coaker 2 (6) Paul Darlow 1 ½ (4)                              Ash Williams   1 ½ (3) Toby O’Donoghue 1 ½ (2)  Robert Greenall 1 (5) Awen Pringle 0 (2)

Junior Tournaments

The autumn junior tournament finished at the end of January. The winner was Jake Corbett with 9 ½ points followed by Yannis Wells with 8, Luke Glasson on 7 ½ and Ben Sanders –Wyatt on 6. The first three of these received prizes and together with Bracken Lockett and Ash Williams (prize for best under 11 performance) go forward to the JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP. The remaining players will compete for the JUNIOR CHALLENGERS . Both of these tournaments will run until the end of the season.

DCCA INTER-AREA JAMBOREE (Exmouth 17 January 2016)

The club provided 11 out of 12 members of the South team which finished as runners-up to the West in this annual team event:

Newton Abbot members’ results: Mackle 1 Wilson 0 Brooks ½ Kinder 1 Ramesh 0 Taylor 1 Cockerton 0 Narayanan 0 Blackmore ½ Wilkes 1 Lockett 0



4-6 March: EAST DEVON CONGRESS at Exeter (Corn Exchange). Sections for Open, Major u155 and Minor u125)

25-28 March: WEST OF ENGLAND CONGRESS at EXMOUTH (Royal Beacon Hotel). Details from ChessDevon website

9 April: TEIGNMOUTH RAPIDPLAY CONGRESS  (Details on ChessDEvon website)

9-10 April: ECF National Club Championships BIRMINGHAM (Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport)

We are intending to enter teams for this event – two teams of four in (probably) the MAJOR (u 175 average) and INTERMEDIATE (u 150 average).

Currently the following players have expressed their intention to play:

Andrew Kinder, Paul Brooks, Trefor Thynne, Vignesh Ramesh, Rob Wilby

Possibles: Stephen Homer, John Fraser, Wilf Taylor

If any other member would like to go to this excellent event please let me know as soon as possible. I will be submitting our entry in mid-March.

It involves your playing four games, two on the Saturday starting after lunch and two on the Sunday finishing at tea - time. One night accommodation in the hotel.

Grades:  Most of you will by now have found out your new January 2016 grade (see CHESSDEVON or ECF website if not).  It is gratifying to see that  majority of our members have improved their grade. A reminder that July 2015 grades continue to be used for match purposes but January grades for congress entry.


Good luck to everyone in the final three months of the season!


Trefor Thynne





Dear club member

                          I thought it was time to bring members up to speed with various items of news now that the season is getting busier and perhaps the best place to start is with congratulations to junior member Joshua Blackmore who came first equal – winning £50  - in the TORBAY CONGRESS MINOR at Torquay last weekend. Josh, like many of our juniors, is improving rapidly  (as our President found to his cost last Thursday!).  The club was well represented at the Congress with players in all four sections. John Fraser, our only representative in the Open scored a creditable 50% in a strong field.

                         One of the highlights for me this year so far has been the impressive  play of our three new members David Peacock, Sam Wilkes and Jake Corbett all of whom have stepped straight unto club teams.

Results of matches played so far:

Torbay League Div 1:  A team  v Teignmouth (A) Drew 2-2  (Hui ½ Thynne ½ Brooks 0 Marshall 1)

                                       B team v Plymouth (A) Lost 1 ½ - 2 ½ (Kinder ½ v John Stephens 196! Ramesh 0 Taylor 1 Wilkes 0)

                             Div 2 v Torquay(A)   Drew 2-2 (Mills 0 Kinder 1 Taylor ½ Peacock ½)

                            Div 3 v South Hams (A) Drew 2-2 (Ramesh 0 Hussey 1 Blackmore 0 Darlow1)

                             Div 3  v Teignmouth (A) Won 3 ½ - ½  (Ramesh 1 Barber-Lafon ½ Blackmore 1 Peacock 1 )

                        Div 4: first match coming up on 3rd December  v Plymouth (H). Team:  Wells Narayanan Wilkes Peacock.  Non-playing captain Darlow)   

              DCCA Leagues:  Div 1 Bremridge v Exmouth (H) Lost 2 ½ - 3 ½  (Hui 0 Fraser ½ Thynne ½ Brooks ½ Ramesh ½ Wilby ½)                             

                                           Div 2 Mamhead: first match 19.12.15 v Teignmouth (H)

                                           Div 3 Schofield: first match 13.2.16 v Teignmouth (H). NB match at Barnstaple 12.12.15 now re-arranged by Wilf Taylor for 20.2.16  

                                          Div 4 Moyle: v Teignmouth 7.11.15 (A) Won 4-0 (Barber-Lafon 1 Backmore 1 Hussey 1 Sanders-Wyatt 1)

Junior Division Bloodworth: First event 26.11.15 at NACC: 5 team Jamboree 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.)


Div 1  first match v Exmouth Eagles 25.11.15 (A)

Div 2 v Tiverton Thinkers Lost 0-4 (Taylor 0 Corbett 0 Sanders-Wyatt 0 default)

  Next match 24.11.15 v Exeter Gambits (A)

Remaining fixtures in 2015:     

24.11.15 EDL2 v Exeter Gambits (A)

25.11.15 EDL1 v Exmouth Eagles (A)

26.11.15 Bloodworth Shield DCCA Junior Team Jamboree (H)

3.12.15 TL 1  A v South Hams (H)

3.12.15 TL 3 v TBGS                  (H)

3.12.15 TL 4 v Plymnouth        (H)

(3 matches on one evening at the Courtenay Centre so all hands on deck with setting up/refreshments/tidying up please!)

5.12.15 DCCA 1 Bremridge v Teignmouth

8.12.15 TL 2 v Teignmouth (A)

10.12.15 TL 1 A v Plymouth (H)

10.12.15 TL 3 v Plymouth (H)   (another busy home night!)        

15.12.15 TL 4 Div 4 v Teignmouth (A)

17.12.15 last club night before Xmas

17.12.15 EDL 2  v East Budleigh Explorers (A at Exeter CC)

19.12.15 DCCA 2 Mamhead v Teignmouth (H)         

Fixture list:

It is my intention to belatedly publish a complete club fixture list within a week or so – there have been delays in fixing some EDL dates but I will hopefully have it ready soon.

Internal club tournaments:  

The new tournament sections seem to be working well – the consensus now clearly that all-play-all sections are best.  Please try to get at least 3 games played by Xmas (though Section A with one withdrawal and two players currently on the sick list) may require different criteria).

I am in the process of communicating news of our tournaments and their progress to Bill Frost the ChessDevon webmaster so you should be able to see the results online.

Junior tournament: we have 13 juniors in this tournament which will run to the end of January and then we shall draw up Championship and Challengers sections for the second half of the season. You can play two games against each opponent so there is never an excuse to be without a serious competition game when you come to the club.

National Club Championships:  we hope to enter this event again in 2016 following our terrific success in winning the Major in 2015. It will take place in Birmingham over the weekend of 9-10 April 2016 and any member who is interested in representing the club should let me know in good time. It obviously requires one night in the hotel (Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport). There are four separate events with grading limits (average per team) of: Open- no limit, Major (175), Intermediate (150),Minor (125).

Other events in the calendar: 

Plymouth Rapidplay 6.12.15

East Devon Congress: 4-6.3.16

Teignmouth Rapidplay 9.4.16

Devon County matches: 28.11.15, 16.1.16, 6.2.16, 13.3.16

Club Library:   don t forget that there is a good selection of chess books (mostly inherited from the late Jim O’Grady) available for members to borrow. All you have to do is sign them out  and in again in the red hardback logbook which Jacquie drew up last year.

Subscriptions: most members have now paid their 2015-16 subscription but for those who have not our treasurer will be pleased to relieve you of it (or at least a down-payment on it!). The club’s financial position remains sound but we do have a lot of expenditure with room hire, not just for club nights but also for Saturday league matches.

Last club night before Xmas (Thursday 17th December)  would members like to use this evening for a coaching session? The committee  promised to fit some coaching into the calendar but it is not easy given all the playing commitments.

Match etiquette: I am sending as a separate attachment a notice concerning match etiquette which has been agreed by the club’s committee. This arose out of an issue raised by one of our team captains following a recent away match. Juniors, particularly, please read this and reflect.

Team selection: as you are all aware, we have a very busy match programme (it is what makes us different as a club)  – please do your best to say yes when asked by  team captain to represent the club, especially in away matches. The committee members selecting the teams are trying to balance the need to get strong teams out with the equally important task of giving all members the opportunity to play in teams. If you would like to play in more matches than you are being asked to play in please tell us!!

Trefor Thynne

Club Secretary                                                 Match etiquette

One of the club’s committee members has raised an issue which has concerned me as Secretary for some time and which has presented itself again after the opening matches of the season. It concerns the habit of some players to leave immediately after the conclusion of their own game and go home.

Although there are sometimes extenuating circumstances which make this unavoidable, the committee feels that, in general, players selected to represent the club in matches are expected to stay until the end of the match as a gesture of solidarity with and interest in their team colleagues and the outcome of the match. After all, acceptance of the invitation to play automatically implies a readiness to stay to the end of the playing session.

There is also the point, sometimes overlooked, that at the end of home matches there is equipment to put away and crockery to wash after the making of refreshments.

The committee wishes to draw the particular attention of the club’s junior players to the above. We have a heavy match programme and we very much need the membership to support the committee, team captains and organisers in ensuring the highest standards are maintained.


Trefor Thynne


15th November 2015



      1   TT 2   AB 3   MH 4   SH 5   JF 6   MW 7   PB 8   KH Total
1 Trefor Thynne X             ½ ½
2 Alan Brusey   X       1 0   1
3 Mark Hui       X    


4 Stephen Homer       X     0   0
5 John Fraser         X        
6 Matthew Wilson   0 0     X 0   0
7 Paul Brooks   1   1   1 X   3
8 Kevin Hurst ½             X ½




      1 NN 2  VR 3   JB 4 WT 5 NM 6 JBL 7  AK 8 MH Total
1 Nandaja Narayanan X 0       ½   0 ½
2 Vignesh Ramesh 1 X         ½   1½
3 Joshua Blackmore     X    


4 Wilf Taylor       X   0 ½ 0 ½
5 Nathan Mills       1 X 1     2
6 Jacquie Barber-Lafon ½   1   0 X     1½
7 Andrew Kinder   ½ 0       X   ½
8 Mike Hussey 1   0 1       X 2



      1   PC 2   AW 3   PD 4   BL 5   DP 6   SW 7   RG 8   BS-W 9  TO'D 10   YW 11   LG   12   AP Total
1 Philip Coaker X   0 0   1 0           1
2 Ash Williams   X       0     ½   0   ½
3 Paul Darlow 1   X   0         ½ 0   1½
4 Bracken Lockett 1     X   0   1   1     3
5 David Peacock     1   X     1         2
6 Sam Wilkes 0 1   1   X 1   0       3
7 Robert Greenall 1         0 X           1
8 Ben Sanders-Wyatt       0 0     X   0     0
9 Toby O'Donoghue ½       1       X       1½
10 Yannis Wells     ½ 0       1   X     1½
11 Luke Glasson     1               X   1
12 Awen Pringle                     0 X 0



Ref Member Name Sex Age Club Standard Previous Rapidplay Previous
264751F   Allen, John E M   Newton Abbot 141 B 141 B     132 E
128118F Silver Barber-Lafon, Jacquie F   Newton Abbot 123 A 122 A        
269317D Silver Best, Matthew M   Shrewsbury 150 A 155 A 154 C 154 C
247356C Silver Billings, Alex J M   York University 165 D 170 E        
290737K Silver Jnr Blackmore, Joshua P M 15 Newton Abbot 120 A 101 B 93 D 95 D
215149C Bronze Brooks, Paul M   Newton Abbot 159 A 158 B        
107557D Gold Brusey, Alan W M   Teignmouth 182 A 184 A 175 B 178 A
302589F Silver Corbett, Jake M   Newton Abbot 100 F            
285528J Bronze Darlow, Paul M   Newton Abbot 71 B 61 D 75 D 75 D
279819A Gold Jnr Fraser, John M 17 Newton Abbot 179 A 176 A 173 C 174 C
300442K Bronze Jnr Glasson, Luke M 13 Newton Abbot 75 A 68 D        
162619L Gold Homer, Stephen J M   Newton Abbot 184 A 181 A 192 C 195 B
300093L Bronze Hui, Mark M   Newton Abbot 184 D 185 D        
266234G Bronze Hurst, Kevin J M   Sidmouth 175 C 183 E 168 D    
277498H Silver Hussey, Michael M   Newton Abbot 102 A 99 B 91 E 91 E
173310C Silver Ingham, H William M   Teignmouth 161 A 158 A 170 C 170 C
162701G Silver Kinder, Andrew S M   Newton Abbot 145 B 151 B 152 D 152 D
292545L   Knott, Jim AG M 14 Newton Abbot 114 C 114 B        
269131A   Leung, Jeff M   Torquay Grammar School 157 E 157 E        
294486J Silver Jnr Lockett, Bracken F 13 Newton Abbot 77 B 66 D 86 E 87 E
114766D Gold Mackle, Dominic M   Newton Abbot 205 B 207 A     198 D
245157J Bronze Marshall, Michael O M   Denmark 167 D 157 D        
272540L Gold Mills, Nathan M   Brixham 156 A 154 A     124 E
279880D   Milne, James E M 15 Newton Abbot 92 D 94 C        
279359D Silver Jnr Narayanan, Nandaja F 15 Newton Abbot 115 A 109 A 98 D 97 D
294968E Silver Jnr Narayanan, Niranjana F 9 Newton Abbot 23 F 23 F        
276896D Bronze Jnr O'Donoghue, Toby M 12 Newton Abbot 47 C 39 D        
248349L Bronze Perry, Neil M   Teignmouth 59 A 60 B 44 F    
276543D Silver Jnr Ramesh, Vignesh M 14 Newton Abbot 146 A 144 A 157 C 156 C
281087G Bronze Jnr Sanders-Wyatt, Ben M 14 Newton Abbot 83 A 75 B        
155629A Gold Stephens, John KF M   Exmouth 196 A 196 B 182 E 182 D
292547D Silver Jnr Sturt, Benjamin M 14 Torquay Grammar School 128 B 123 B     58 F
295650A   Sutcliffe, Oliver     Newton Abbot 9 F 9 F        
182650F Bronze Taylor, Wilfred RP M   Newton Abbot 130 A 131 A        
242035B Gold Thompson, Robert M   Bristol University 176 B 171 A        
120405B Gold Thynne, Trefor F M   Newton Abbot 168 A 167 A 172 D 172 A
296552F Silver Jnr Wells, Yannis M 15 Newton Abbot 92 B 84 B     74 D
286281F   Whitehead, Rafe M 17 Torquay Grammar School 95 E 97 D        
155624B Silver Wilby, Robert G M   Plymouth 140 A 142 A 145 A 143 A
302845J Bronze Wilkes, Sam L M   Newton Abbot 66 F            
294488B Silver Jnr Williams, Ash M 8 Torbay Juniors 62 E 59 E 52 D 49 D
128713J Gold Wilson, Matthew R M   Devon * 155 A 159 A 154 A 146 A
286282H   Wray, Jared M   Torquay Grammar School 116 D 116 C        


   Fixture List 2015-16 Season

(Please note: this fixture list includes all Torbay League fixtures (except for the Knock-Out Cup), all Exeter and District League fixtures (except for two in the second division) and all DCCA fixtures (with the exception of the second Bloodworth Shield Jamboree date).


2015                 Competition       Opponents                            Venue     Start       Result     


Thur 1             Friendly R-P          Met Office                                  H          7            5-7      L

Tues 13           TL1 “A”                 Teignmouth                                A          7             2-2     D               

Thur 15           TL3                         South Hams                                A          7            2-2      D

Thur 22           TL1                          “A” v  “B”                                   H          7  “A” 3 -“B” 1     



Tues 3             TL3                           Teignmouth                             A           7           3 ½ - ½   W

Wed 4             TL2                           Torquay                                   A            7          2-2            D       

Sat 7               DCCA1                      Exmouth                                  H           2.30    2 ½-3 ½     L

Sat 7               DCCA4                     Teignmouth                             A           2.30     4-0           W 

Mon 9             TL1 “B”                   Plymouth                                 A            7          1 ½ - 2 ½  L 

Wed 11           EDL2                        Tiverton Thinkers                  A             7           0-4          L

Thur 19         TL1 “B”                     Teignmouth                             H            7       Postponed -tba 

Tues 24         EDL2                         Exeter Gambits                        A            7          1 ½ - 2 ½   L

Wed 25         EDL1                         Exmouth Eagles                       A             7           3-1          W

Thur 26        DCCA Junior            Bloodworth Shield Jamboree part 1   5       


Thur 3          TL1 “A”                       South Hams                             H              7         1 ½- 2 ½   L

Thur 3          TL3                           Torquay Boys’ G.S.                    H              7          ½ - 3 ½     L

Thur 3         TL4                             Plymouth                                    H              7          1 – 3         L

Sat 5             DCCA1                        Teignmouth                             H               2.30     5 – 1       W        

Tues 8            TL2                         Teignmouth                                  A                7        2 -2          D

Thur 10          TL1 “A”                 Plymouth                                       H                7        pp to 7..4.16

Thur 10          TL3                         Plymouth                                       H               7        pp to 7.4.16

Tues 15           TL4                         Teignmouth                                 A                7        2 – 2       D

Tues 15           EDL2             East Budleigh Explorers                     H (Exeter)  7    

Sat 19            DCCA2                      Teignmouth                              H                 2.30     1 – 3       L

 January 2016

Wed 6           TL3                             Torquay                                      A                   7        ½ - 3 ½   L

Thur 7            TL1 “B”                    South Hams                                A                   7        ½ - 3 ½   L

Sat 9              DCCA K-O                 Exeter                                          H                 2.30    4 ½ - 3 ½  W

Thur 14         TL R-P                       Plymouth                                    H                    7        4 – 4        D

Thur 21        TL R-P                       South Hams                                 A                    7        2 – 6        L

Thur 21        EDL 2                         Just Seaton                                 H (Exeter)    7       2 ½ - 1 ½   W

Sat 23          DCCA1                        Exeter                                          A                  2.30   4 – 2        W

Tues 26        EDL1                          Exeter Bishops                           A                     7      3 – 1        W

Sat 30          DCCA2                        Exmouth                                     H                    2.30  3 – 1        W


Tuesday 2nd TLKO (S-F)              Teignmouth                               A                        7     4 ½ - 1 ½  W  

Thur 4       TL1 “B”                         Plymouth                                     H                      7     ½ - 3 ½      L

Thur 4       TL3                                 South Hams                                H                      7     1 ½ - 2 ½    L

Sat 6          DCCA4                          Tiverton                                       A                   2.30  2 ½ - 1 ½  W

Thur 11    TL2                                 Torquay                                        H                     7    2 ½ - 1 ½   W

Sat 13       DCCA3                           Teignmouth                                H                  2.30     4 – 0      W

Thur 18    TL1 “A”                          Teignmouth                                H                       7     4 -0        W

Thur 18   TL3                                  Teignmouth                                H                       7     4 – 0       W

Sat 20     DCCA3                              Barnstaple                                 A                   2.30    3 – 1      W    



Mon 7     TL3                                      Plymouth                                   A                        7

Thur 10  TL2                                        Teignmouth                             H                        7

Thur 10  TL4                                        Teignmouth                             H                        7

Mon 14  TLR-P                                   Plymouth                                  A                        7

Thur 17  TL1                                         “A” v “B”                                 H                        7

Sat 19 DCCA2                                    Barnstaple                                 H                       2.30

Sat 19 DCCA3                                    Tiverton                                     H                       2.30

Mon 21 TL1    “A”                               Plymouth                                 A                        7

Thur 24  TLR-P                                   South Hams                              H                         7              

Tues 29 TL1 “B”                                 Teignmouth                              A                        7   

Thur 31 EDLP                                    Exeter Rooks                             H                         7



Sat 2   DCCA4                                     Exeter                                         H                       2.30    

Mon 4  TL4                                          Plymouth                                  A                        7

Thur   7   TL1“A”                                 Plymouth                                  H                       7

Thur   7   TL3                                        Plymouth                                 H                       7

Sat-Sun 9-10                          National Club Championships    Birmingham

Mon 11 TL3                                       Torquay Boys’ G.S.                   A                        7

Tues 12 EDL2                               Sidmouth Stars                             H (in Exeter)        7

Thur 14 TL1 “A”                                  South Hams                             A                        7

Thur 14 TL3                                         Torquay                                    H                        7

Sat 16 DCCA1                                    Tiverton                                     A                        2.30

Sat 16 DCCA4                                    Barnstaple                                 H                        2.30

Thur 21 TL1 “B”                              South Hams                                H                          7

Friday 22 DCCA Junior                   Bloodworth Jambore part 2   A (Exeter School)   5

Sat 23 DCCA2                                    Tiverton                                    A                         2.30

Mon 25 TLKO Final                          Plymouth                                  A                         7

Sa t 30 DCCAKO  Final                     Tiverton                                     A                         2.30       


Summary of Leagues/Cups competed in 2015-16

Torbay League  (Divisions 1234+KO: 35 moves in 75 minutes + 15 minutes)

Division 1           4 boards         no grade limit            Captain:  NA”A”  Paul Brooks

                                                                                            Captain  NA”B” Andrew Kinder

Division 2          4 boards           > 540                           Captain:    Wilf Taylor

Division 3          4 boards           > 480                           Captain:  Jacquie Barber-Lafon

Division 4          4 boards           > 400                            Captain: Paul Darlow     

Rapidplay          4 boards           no grade limit           Captain: Andrew Kinder

Knock-Out        6 boards           >750                            Captain: Paul Brooks

Devon County Chess Association     (40 moves in 100 minutes +20 minutes)   

Divison 1 (Bremridge)   6 boards     no grade limit        Captain: Trefor Thynne

Division 2 (Mamhead)  4 boards            >640                Captain: Paul Brooks

Division 3 (Schofield)   4 boards              >520               Captain: Wilf Taylor

Division 4 (Moyle)         4 boards             >400               Captain:  Jacquie Barber-Lafon (tbc)

Knock-Out (Rooke)       8 boards              >1120            Captain:Trefor Thynne

Junior (Bloodworth)  4 boards  max. ind. 135              Captain: Yannis Wells

Exeter and District League    (30 in 60 minutes +15 minutes)

Premiership  (NA Newts)                  4 boards            640 maximum    Captain: Trefor Thynne

Championship   (NA Beagles)           4 boards            480 maximum     Captain: Wilf Taylor


TFT             30.11.15.